About us

Fasteners – it’s all about keeping together

Ever since the start in 1991, those of us working at Nordic Fastening Group have endeavoured to keep things together.And we don’t only mean how our fasteners work.We’re also referring to our relations – both those within the company and those with our customers and suppliers.

Trust is based on quality

Quality is a good foundation for trust.We maintain high levels of quality and expertise among our personnel, both in the way we work within the company and naturally when it comes to all the fasteners we manufacture.
Feel free to read about our quality policy in greater detail here.

Delivery reliability is also part of our quality thinking.

Committed personnel

Trust helps those of us working at NFG to feel a sense of responsibility for developing and becoming even better at the things we do.Regardless of whether we are working in production, in the warehouse, the office or as part of the management team, we work closely with each other and share each other’s ideas and suggestions.When employees grow as individuals, this improves the entire company’s potential to provide our customers with personal, committed service.

High service level and flexibility with the focus on your project

We are here to provide you with personal service when you need it, to suggest the best solution for your project regardless of whether it relates to a basic fastener or something we have to manufacture specially.

Our fasteners are intended to join two parts together so that they form a unit that will last.A long time.

Business concept

We increase profitability for Swedish industrial companies.With high levels of expertise and service, we offer tailored business and product solutions to meet all kinds of connection needs.